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Posted: Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Glacier Tract has been experiencing fluctuating water pressure recently, so SHIA will be temporarily shutting off water at several locations today to check flow meters as we try to chase down this leak.  These temporary shut-offs should last no more than an hour or so, though they could last longer, and once we find the leak, a longer outage (~several hours) will be required for repairs.  Members in the Manker and San Antonio Falls Tracts will probably not be affected by the outages, which will mainly affect Glacier and Upper San Antonio (i.e. Irongate) Tracts.  Thank you for your patience as we diagnose and fix this problem, and as always, please report any leaks or other service irregularities to SHIA maintenance (phone number can always be found at the bottom of this homepage).
Thank you,

Robbie Warner

President, Snowcrest Heights Improvement Association



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