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Leak in Glacier Tract morning of 8/31/2023

Posted: Thursday @11 am, August 31, 2023


There appears to be a leak somewhere in the Glacier tract that is causing low to zero pressure, air bubbles, and possibly some sediment.  Please be on the lookout for leaks, and if you find one, please report it to the number below and/or email robbiewarner -at-  We will attempt to find and repair the leak this evening after work.  In the meantime, please practice heightened water conservation measures, especially from Glacier Tract and below.

Please remember to check this website for system updates when service disruptions occur:  Thanks for your patience as we work to restore normal service.  

Robbie Warner
President, Snowcrest Heights Improvement Association


>>>  Reminder: 2023 annual assessments were mailed on June 1, 2023, and were due by July 31, 2023.  SHIA now also accepts all major credit/debit cards & bank transfers for payment.  Please see your annual assessment invoice or contact Anna-Marie for details by email or our new phone number:; nine-O-nine 475-SHIA (475-7442).


To report water leaks, water service disruptions,

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call (Nine-O-Nine) 282-4686 or 772-3824

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